Very cool BC Rich Warlock

I think a new set of tuners would be nice. Guitar came in with very heavy strings. Maybe 11's and the gears feel stressed to me. when I put some 9's on it. Since the strings are now new I don't wanna take them off to replace the tuners that are on it and seem to be workinking fine.
Neck pickup is not as loud as the bridge, maybe about 60% of neck pickup
Someone painted "Twisted Pig" on the back of the body.
Also when I had the bridge off to replace the strings I noticed that there is no retainer holding the saddles in. Since it is a badass style bridge it is easier to take it off to change the strings. When doing this the saddles can fall out. Aside from possibly goofing up the intonation the saddles may get lost. A new bridge would be a good idea. Else great care should be taken when changing strings.
I may get a new bridge for it if it is here very long

Black with red bevels, rosewood fretboard, 2 humbuckers, badass style bridge. Plays fantastic. $249.00 or for now $199.00 as is (tuners/bridge). No case


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